28 February 2012

Alex's Busy Afternoon

Yesterday this magically turned into a container full of salty salty dough.

(Water not pictured - it was still in the tap)
We showed it to Alex after it had cooled a bit and she poked at it once, screwed up her face, then grabbed Nev's hand and demanded he take her walking around the lounge.  FINE.  I only slaved over a (not-so) hot stove.  No biggy.  Hrmph.

We tried again today, and she had much the same reaction.  I documented it for everyone's amusement.


I made a snail.  It got smushed.
As did the next snail I made.

THEN we discovered you can THROW playdough! 

I don't even...
I'm pretty sure I used to make cooler stuff than this out of playdough.

After she determined that playdough was in fact NOT delicious and sufficient mess had been made all over the kitchen floor, we went to wash her hands.  When I put her down after drying them, something amazing happened:  she took a step!  So Nev (handily home sick today) grabbed the camera (handily still out after documenting playdough mess) and took some photos of a somewhat determined looking Alex as she teetered down the hallway all by herself.  

When Nev switched to video she clung to the wall and refused to let go, so, um, that'll have to wait...

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