29 July 2011

Sick Babies are Sad Babies

Alex has had her first bad cold, which has been a bundle of fun I must say.  I feel terribly sorry for all of my friends who have sick bubbas, especially those busy catching their first ever round of daycare bugs!

In this past week I have learned many things, most of them gross:

  • Baby noses produce epic amounts of snot despite being tiny and button-like
  • Babies like to rub their snotty noses because no doubt they're itchy
  • Snotty baby hands are sticky and collect many cat hairs from the carpet
  • Babies would rather snuggle into your shoulder (aww) and snort boogers all over it (eww) than have you wipe their nose with a tissue
  • Tissues are great for shredding
  • And eating
  • Karvol is great stuff (I daresay this is the only useful piece of information in this post)

Miss is over feeling ill, however has a residual runny nose and cough which means she grunts like a little piggy now when she's crawling.  I really shouldn't laugh at my little piggy motoring around the lounge but I am instead a horrible unsympathetic mother.

14 July 2011

Adventures of Special Cat

Yesterday Mel came to visit with her gorgeous wee boy Ollie.  Unlike Alex (who is five days his senior) Ollie is a master crawler, so I thought it would be a good idea to put the baby gate up in the doorway to the room containing the cat litter trays.  It worked a treat - Alex happily sat in the lounge and watched Ollie crawl up the hallway and back again.

I left the gate up after they left, partly because Alex might all of a sudden get the urge to crawl into the spare room, partly because the cats may as well get used to it being there and partly because I'm lazy.  Mostly because I'm lazy.

Later in the afternoon I found Basil sitting in the hallway looking a bit sad.  So I picked him up and dropped him on the other side of the gate.  He seemed happy and went to sit on the windowsill so I carried on with what I had been doing.  When I came back 10 minutes later he was lying down against the baby gate again, but this time he was still in the spare room.  O...kay.  I picked him up and deposited him back in the hallway.

As I was getting ready for bed I found Basil lying on the spare room side of the baby gate again, so I threw a toy mouse past the door to see what he'd do.  Extreme front leg extension through the gate, but no hopping over it.  I fed Zari some of her new dental bikkies.  Basil got all excited, and his hunger greed eventually got the better of him and he hopped over.  

I went to bed last night, marvelling at the cat who could apparently scale a 6' tall fence to escape the courtyard or climb onto the roof of our house but couldn't manage a 60cm high wooden door barrier.  Little did I know he'd get a whole pile stupider this morning...

Alex and I were on the floor in the middle of the lounge while I changed her nappy when a brush-tailed Basil zoomed past.  Mrraaoooowwwww he howled, as he sped around the coffee table and bolted to the other end of the lounge.  This amused Alex.  He cornered, mrrraaaoooowwwed and took off for another lap.  Tail up, ears back, impressively nimble for one who "carries his weight well".   After completing his two laps of the lounge he zoomed past us again and headed down the hallway.  I thought he just had a case of the zoomies and carried on changing Alex.  

Then it hit me.  I could smell poo.  Cat poo.  So much stinkier than baby poo.   Oh good lord.  I held my breath and raced into the spare room to open the window and spied a cat-splat in the litter tray.  Upon returning to the lounge for some fresh (ish) air, I spotted some cat poo on my purse.  And some on the carpet next to it.  And some on the carpet by the coffee table.  Tiny potent gloopy stink bombs dotted around the lounge along the path Basil had just taken.  Wut.

I'll spare you the details of the cleanup process, but I have now concluded that Basil's thought process went something like this:  Ohmygod, my belly is rumbling!!!  Rumbling lots! I need to poo!!!  Ohgodohgodohgodohgod!!!!  There's something blocking the doorway to the litter trays!!  But I need to poo!!!  I can't get in!! Ohgodohgodohgod!!  Arrghhh!! *puff puff*  Arrrgghhhh!!!!

I have *the* most special cat.  And a shitty purse.

05 July 2011

Party Dress

One of the few things I have managed to achieve in the last month was making a dress for Alex to wear to her Great-Gran's 90th birthday party.  I believe me actually finishing this project had something to do with having to work to a deadline and the fact that Alex had nothing else nice enough to wear to such an occasion!

I used Burda 9712, which I bought and downloaded for $4 US from here.  The printing and putting together of the pattern was tedious, but if you can get patterns on special they're much cheaper than buying retail.

With the cats helping, I cut the pattern to size 18 months - except for the length, with I cut to the 12 month size.  For my 10 month old baby.  It fit perfectly around the yoke, but should have plenty of room for her to hopefully wear during summer.

The yoke is all double-sided, with fiddly bias edging around the bottom of the arm holes.

Annoyingly (typically?), the back yoke and gathering came out much better than the front.

So much topstitching!

And here is madam modelling it at the party.  After several hours of cuddles from random old ladies she was a bit frazzled, but that wasn't anything a quick cat-nap on mum's lap couldn't fix.

I didn't get any decent shots of her whole outfit on the day, so tried again tonight but she wouldn't cooperate sitting up...  

She has inherited a hatred of all things hat, bib and sock from her father, so the little Mary Jane shoes that Mum crocheted for her don't get to stay on long.

Not bad for the first item of clothing I've made in 10 (?!) years.  Was quite a nice change from rat hammocks, pram pimping and soft toys!

01 July 2011

Blog? What's that?

You may have noticed a lack of blog posts here lately.  I'm going to go ahead and blame the tiny human in our lives for that - what with her teething and growth spurting and teething and not sleeping and teething I haven't really had any free time without a still tooth-less grizzle monster nearby demanding cuddles.

So, what else has happened in that time?  I'm three, nearly four weeks behind on my photo challenge.  Nev has had one whole day off work. The cats went to the vet for the annual check up - Basil has gained 500g this year and Zari's teeth are shocking so now I get to try and brush them(!).  Nev's Gran turned 90 so we went north to attend the party and Alex was cuddled by many old ladies.  We haven't had curtains in the living area since Monday as the curtain rails had to come down so our new windows could be installed.  Alex has started throwing herself forward onto her stomach (from sitting) quite often and it almost looks like she might be trying to finally figure out this crawling business.  But not before she yells into the carpet a lot.

And finally, I've perfected the art of making a Brownie in a Mug.  Because I feel so guilty about neglecting my blog I'm going to share the recipe with my dear readers - all 11 of you (including my Mum).  

4 tbsp flour
4 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
2 tbsp vegetable oil (not an oil with a strong flavour, which I don't have so I just melts me some butter instead...!)
2 tbsp water
Dash of salt

Put dry ingredients in a mug and mix.  Add oil and water and mix well - it's easy to miss mixing the dry ingredients right at the bottom of the mug.  Lick spoon.  Contemplate eating mixture as-is.  Nuke for about 1 minute (1:20 in my 1150W microwave).  Brownie should still be gooey in the centre when done.