24 June 2012

Shaving Foam Paint

For some reason, my mother has made a pinterest page thingy full of Kids' Stuff.  And on it there are various bath paint recipes.  

We don't actually have a bath at the new house, so bath crayons and paints tend to just run down the wall as they get splashed by the shower.  Through trial and error we've concluded that the best recipe is shaving foam + food colouring. 

Picture stolen from pinterest
It's thick enough that unless you point the water directly at it it stays on the shower walls quite nicely.  It's also thick enough that you can paint yourself pretty colours if you want.  And it's gloopy enough that you can pick up lots on the brush and then splash pretty colours all over your parents and the bath mat (don't forget to insist that the shower door stays open)...

Nice hand placement, Alex!
On the down side the bathroom stinks of shaving foam after Alex has had her shower, and she's now started painting with anything she can find.  Last night she painted the dining table with her curry sauce.