24 February 2012

18 Months..

Here is three-week-old Alex on her sheepskin:

Here is 18-month-old Alex (mostly) on her sheepskin:

She got big.  And long.

Over the last couple of weeks her vocabulary has expanded greatly, though she does have a couple of multi-purpose words.  Duck being one of them (duh) - it can mean ducks, any other bird she sees, and the colour yellow.  The other is aap'n - which can mean apple, any other round fruit (peaches, nectarines, pears etc), the colour purple AND iPad!  Ha!  All yesterday afternoon she kept pointing to the kitchen and saying "aap'n!!" - so I cut up a pear and offered it to her.  She refused to eat it so I assumed she was just practising her words.  Then this morning I gave her the iPad so I could have a shower in peace (yes, yes, terrible mother) and she pointed at it and said "this!  aap'n!"...  I wonder how frustrated she was getting at me yesterday?  The iPad was clearly sitting on the kitchen bench next to the fruit bowl while it charged..!

Oh, there's another multi-purpose word:  nanan.  It used to mean Nana, now it means banana.  Sorry Nana, you've been replaced!

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