05 April 2012


You know how builders tend to have half-finished projects all around their own houses?  The same applies to IT professionals.  Or my IT professional at least.

Half the desktop on his Windows PC is taken up by random (but very important) icons.  I mock him about it regularly, and he recently went through and had a bit of a clean out.  But half his desktop is still taken up by random icons - just with holes in the grid from the ones he's deleted.  "Gah, please sort those by name or something!"  ... "No, I'll get confused!"

Then there's the way he organises his documents.  At one point he had a series of folders titled "New", "Newer" and "Newest New" and if I wanted to find something I was expected to know under which category it fell.  HE knew where everything was.  Duh. 

At this point I feel the need to point out that the way Alex constantly reorganises the icons on her iPad makes him all twitchy because it's not logical.  HA.  Hahaha.  Pot.  Kettle.

We have Media Portal installed on the HTPC for the watching of TV/movies, and it has gradually been getting buggier and buggier over the last six months or so.  Then one of the external HDDs failed and he promised to copy the files on to the NAS and redirect something something*...but Nev hates Media Portal so hasn't bothered yet.  I think his plan is to just let it destroy itself completely before looking at fixing it.  Though he will at least clear the cat hair out of the CPU fan for me (with assistance) to stop it overheating...

I guess that's what you get when you spend your day looking after servers, ensuring everything is all neat and tidy and running properly.  Buggered if you're going to come home and do the same thing all evening!

*  The NAS is very neatly organised and maintained, and runs teh lunix, so I daren't touch it myself.