13 March 2012

Work That Camera!

Alex was in a pretty good mood after her nap, so I thought I'd take some pictures.  Things started off promisingly...

But when I plonked her down away from the messy background, well, this happened...

Hey, what's this? 
Grrr.  Cute hairdo be gone!
And that was the end of that.

Weather permitting, we're off to Nga Manu in a couple of weeks.  Alex will get to see all the ducks and duckens*, and I'll finally get to play with my shiny new zooooooomy lens.  w00t!

* Birds have been categorised into either ducks or duckens.  Ducks are birds that will eat her sandwich if she throws it away - ducks, seagulls, pigeons.  Duckens are any other bird.

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