11 June 2011

Weekly Photography Challenge - Week 23: Open

I made Mum open her present realllly slowly tonight so I could take photos.

Birthday Time, originally uploaded by rattyree.

Happy Birthday Mummeh! <3

03 June 2011

The Pram Saga Concludes...

Well.  The folk in Australia weren't sure what had happend for me to be sent the seat I was.  The lovely customer service lady in Auckland misread my email and thought I was only annoyed about the fact that the seat I received was a slightly different design to the original one I had, but they had two sent over this month so she could swap it out for me if I really wanted.  

So I put my awesome tablet to good use once more and drew all over the photo I had taken.  I emailed her back, explaining that while the seat I got was uglier, I could deal with that.  Unfortunately I couldn't deal with the lack of two straps and the buckle clips.  

Replacement seat on left, cat-pee-smelly seat on right
"Oh gosh! I'm so sorry!"  She told me to destroy the seat with half a harness and sent their second seat to me that afternoon.  It arrived today while I was feeding Alex so I had to unlatch her, put myself back together and race to the door before the courier man decided I wasn't home.  I was not prepared to organise redelivery for after the long weekend!  

This one is the same design as the original (now cat-pee-smelly) one and now I even have two head bumpers and sets of shoulder strap pads.  And more importantly:  it will NEVER be in a position where one of the cats could use it as a toilet.

I attached it to the frame and put the pram back together in record time, then celebrated by going for a nice hour long walk this afternoon.  I rewarded myself with a chocolate bar for walking so far, thus negating any health benefits of the walk.  

Also, when the hell did my baby get so big?!?!  

31st January

01 June 2011

Weekly Photography Challenge - Week 22: Brown

Basil is large, and brown.  I took a photo of him for the week we did "Large" so it is only fair I took a photo of him for "Brown" as well.  

Brown Mouse is Doomed, originally uploaded by rattyree.

Of course, he didn't just sit there and stare at mousey...

Zari was feeling a bit left out, so I went over to her and jiggled mousey around for her to chase.  

Unfortunately Basil of Doom in the background there ran her over in an effort to get to the mouse first.  Zari went and sulked under my desk.    

Weekly Photography Challenge - Week 21: Anger

I wouldn't put it past Basil to think slug and snail bait was tiny kitty bikkies, so the bait we bought is safe for children and pets - and evidently slugs and snails.

Grrrrr Snails!, originally uploaded by rattyree.