16 December 2013

Quotable Alex

Here are some Alex quotes that I've made a note of over the last couple of years.  

At Beds R Us:
*points* "Arse Ducken!!"

(Translation: Arse = orange. R is for rooster, roosters are chickens, chickens are birds but they are not ducks, so they are duckens.)

She's having trouble getting up off the toilet:
Alex:  "Oh no!  I'm stuck!"
Ree:  *laughs*
Alex:  "It's NOT funny."
Ree:  *laughs harder*
Alex:  "Help please Mum.  Thaaaank yyoouuuu Mum.  You're welcome, Mum."

"Mum, your chest is very too big."

Walking along the street on our way home from the shops, she has her mouth open...
"I'm drinking the winds!"

*starting to stand up on toilet steps after going wees*
Ree: "Oh, are you finished?"
Alex: "No, Alex is just getting high..."

Ree:  "Alex, do you want to go toilet?"
Alex:  "No go toilet!"  *fake crying*
Ree:  "But after you've gone toilet you can choose some clothes to wear. Do you want to choose some clothes?"
Alex:  "No choose clothes, just crying..."
Ree:  "Oh dear. But you need to go toilet when you wake up in the morning. Everybody does!"
Alex:  "Like some cheese...make Alex feel better."  *sniffle*

Nev:  "Alex is going to go to sleep soon in Alex's bed."
Alex:  "No.  Alex sleep on Dad's pillow...And Dad on Mum's pillow."
Nev:  "What about Mum?  Where's she going to sleep?"
Alex:  "....Mum can sleep.....OUTSIDE!"

"Mum, GET IN THE KITCHEN!" *points*

Alex:  "Mum, you're crappy."
Ree:  "What?!"
Alex:  "No, just grumpy!"

"Dad has whiskers, and Zari, and Basil, and Patch, and Uncle Scott!"  (Patchins is her Aunty's cat)

While driving through Masterton, we see Queen Alexandra Street and mention it to Alex.  "Ohhh, I like that Queen Alexandra street.  I can wear my crown, and princess shoes, and faery wings, and my dress and my wand!  And I'll be Queen Alexandra!  Ohhh yes."