28 August 2011

One Whole Year!

This week Miss Alex turned one.  It's an odd mix of feeling like she's been here forever and holy crap it can't have been a year already!  

So where is she at after one year?  She's been crawling for just over a month but still won't roll from back to tummy, which makes nappy changes much easier - the worst she'll do is scoot across the floor on her back.  She's done plenty of teething but none have cut through.  She high-fives and claps, but won't wave goodbye.  She dances to her favourite tunes which is entirely adorable.  She is very talkative - mum, dad, teda (teddy) - but her current favourite sound is "dudn".  If she pulls my hair and I say "ow!" she says it back to me, usually with a grin...I try not to read too much into that.  

Just like when she was six months old, here are photos from the last six months..

Seven months...

Eight months...

Nine months...

10 months...

11 months...

12 months!

And just for good measure, here are some photos of her opening presents this week.  As you can see, opening presents is serious business.

She's got a bit of a mullet going on, so next on her to-do list are haircut, cutting some teeth and walking.  Though that would make her a real toddler, and I'm not sure I'm ready for that!     

12 August 2011

The One-Year-Old's Guide to iPhone Apps

As predicted, Alex is well on her way to becoming a little nerd.  She knows what the home button on an iPhone does, that if you hold it down for a long time the icons start jiggling ready to be rearranged or deleted - and that mum loves playing Find the Icon.  She knows how to call my voicemail and hang up on her grandmother while video chatting (the folk at Skype need to make the end call button less big, red and enticing).

She has also spent a fair amount of time stickying up my iPhone reviewing the best apps.  Seeing as my phone has been confiscated for research purposes...

...I thought I'd type up a quick review of her favourites while I wait for her to give it back.

You talk at the phone and he repeats what you just said - highly amusing!  Does other stuff too (purrs if you pat his belly etc) but she cares not for those features.

Talking Cat ($1.29)
Moves its mouth in time with you talking.  Also:  it's a kitty!!!

Best one ever!  Doesn't have a pesky info button on the screen, so she can't get onto a settings page or anything.  This was great until she figured out the home button.

Alex enjoys the "free play" part of the game, which has a little keyboard at the bottom of the screen, excellent for mashing to make Simon's Cat meow.  She also likes watching his YouTube videos, but you're not meant to let babies watch TV...  *shifty eyes*

Bubbles ($1.29)
Touch screen to make bubbles, touch bubbles to pop them.  Quite fun, not very exciting though so not worthy of a video review.

*  Yes, I have rounded her age up by two weeks.  Two weeks!!! :O :O

07 August 2011

Weekly Photography Challenge - Week 31: Small

Oddly, I thought of the tiny chickens in my old Playmobil sets when I saw this topic.

I was also verrry tempted to take a photo of the tiny cutlery and plates from my hospital set, but they weren't as colourful. I'm quite proud that I managed to keep all the pieces though!

Tiny Chickens, originally uploaded by rattyree.

This photo is only a few days late!  *shock horror*  I still have several weeks to catch up on - photos that I want to take outside the house - but I haven't had a chance to go wandering with the camera lately. I hope to keep on top of things again now though, even if madam is keeping me extra busy with her newfound mobility!

Weekly Photography Challenge - Week 30: Texture

I love this hat that Mum crocheted for Alex.  It's so soft and snuggly it deserved a photo - especially as Alex refuses to wear hats now.  Bad baby.

Also: If anyone is stuck for things to buy me (any occasion will do - birthday, christmas, I'm just so awesome you can't resist, easter...), I'd LOVE a macro lens!

Crocheted Merino, originally uploaded by rattyree.

Weekly Photography Challenge - Week 29: Orange

The orange visor on Nev's Halo 3 Legendary Edition Master Chief Helmet.

Sadly the helmet isn't big enough to wear. ;)

Master Chief, originally uploaded by rattyree.

Weekly Photography Challenge - Week 27: Nighttime

Can't beat Wellington on a good day (night)!

This is by far my favourite photo from the weeks I've had to catch up on. Taken looking out over the city from Wadestown.

Wellington at Night, originally uploaded by rattyree.

Weekly Photography Challenge - Week 26: Distortion

Looking at some stripy fabric through a glass vase. Distortion achieved.

Through the looking vase, originally uploaded by rattyree.

Weekly Photography Challenge - Week 24: Shadow

Took a while for me to figure out what to photograph for this topic, but quite like the results.

3D Shadow, originally uploaded by rattyree.