20 February 2012


Despite my newfound super awesome domestic goddessness, driving lessons (yes, finally) and multiple hospital appointments for either me or Alex (just routine/checkups) keeping me busy, I find myself wanting to do something crafty.  Or something.  

When we put the house on the market we cleared out the spare room and put what was worth keeping in storage, donated some bookcases to Nev's sister, then took a load of stuff to the dump.  The latter included my sewing desk.  It was about eight years old, and one of those super cheap mulched rainforest pieces from The House of Ware.  It wobbled terribly when the sewing machine was running so I decided it wasn't worth keeping.  Must say, Nev took GREAT delight in smashing it to pieces with a hammer - which wasn't hard.  Most of my fabric went to storage, as did all of my patterns, so it seems I'm not going to be sewing anything in the near future.  

Then there's photography, which observant readers of my blog will have noticed I've kind of... stopped.  I don't know why.  It could be that Nev showed Alex how the camera works so whenever she sees it she zooms over to demand that we show her the photos we've just taken.  It could be the lack of easy transport to new places put me off bothering.  It's probably mostly that I still haven't read my photography book properly and feel like I should before I try new things...

Anyway.  This week I am going to do something creative.  And then I shall blog about it.  And you shall be amazed.  Oh yes.


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