27 November 2010


We went to the Botanic Garden this afternoon.  The plants were all very good, but we spent most of our time camera-watching.  There were some very nice cameras about and some people trying to be very artsy with their not-so-nice cameras.   Suckers.

We also went to the supermarket (I told you my life was thrilling) where the man offering free grapes asked how the breastfeeding was going (!) and then discussed his wife's rather nasty sounding mastitis with me while Nev escaped to buy way too many strawberries.  The grapes were tasty though.  Around by the milk, a random lady cooed over Alex and then informed us that without a doubt we should have four children.  She only has two, you see, and there is a four year age difference so they just don't play together like children in larger families do.  *nod*

Anyway.  Here are some photos of a baby and some flowers.  And some ducks.


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  1. I really need to invest in more bonnets....for Ruby. What is it with strange men asking mums about breastfeeding? Had a similar experience with the insulation man.