30 November 2010

Genius in the Making

Studies have shown that it can be dangerous to label your child as being "smart".  If a child thinks they're intelligent then they prefer to complete tasks that they can already do well, rather than taking risks by trying something that they're not immediately good at.  We should instead praise children for working hard and doing their best so they'll be willing to try new things and expand their knowledge.


Alex is going to be super intelligent.  With parents like us, how could she not?  She'll be some kind of bilingual computer-geek science-nerd musician who is positively terrible at sport.

In an effort to encourage her super intelligence, I've already signed her up for a library card at the tender age of three months.  She doesn't have an IRD number or savings account yet, but she has a library card damnit.

But why stop there?  Here she is brushing up on some MENSA questions.


  1. That's some serious-looking study going on there! And already half way through the book, by the look of it.

  2. And - regularly taking the kid(s) to the library is the BEST fun.

  3. Bless! Setting up Kiwisaver for bubs is super easy, and you will get the $1000 kickstart so definitely worth it! Westpac have a good deal with a free account, check it out :o)

  4. Sorry Maree, but that expression clearly says "I'm pretending to read this book but am secretly pooing in my pants".

  5. Awww, you've just blown the illusion clear out of the water!! (Probably true though!)