14 December 2011

Staglands, or Duck! Duck! Duck!

I bought two 50% off vouchers off a daily deal website and they were about to expire so we thought we'd better go.  Alex had much fun with all the animals, though the Kea was a bit loud and scary and apparently invisible.  Where was that noise coming from?!?!

I took some semi-decent shots of some of the (very exotic) locals, which I am going to make you scroll past to get to the Alex photos.  HA.

Kunekune piglet!
Ringneck dove (I told you they were exotic animals..).
Peahen.  I felt bad for her as everyone was photographing the Peacock.
Wow, amazing shot of a Peacock with his tail fully spread.
The Clydesdale, whom I thought was pretty cool.  Alex found him to be a bit large for her liking.
Donkey:  Oh hai, baby!  You has food??
Alex:  Argh!  It touched me!
Much concentration is required.
Toe-nibbling sheep.
It generally helps if you open up your hand so the sheep can actually get to the pellets...

It was good fun, though I'm a bit torn - she'll like it more as she gets older, but having to carry her meant that she didn't have the chance to get covered in all the many kinds of animal poo like she could as a proper walking toddler..!  I suspect we'll go back one day, despite the horrible narrow road you have to drive along to get there.  

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