25 December 2011

A Santa Sack for Alex

Next time I have the genius idea of appliquéing something, shoot me.  

I'm not really happy with it - I managed to miscalculate where the middle was so her name's too low down, and I probably should've just chosen stars as they were the easiest to sew!  But, alas, I'm lazy and can't be bothered doing it again.  I will instead be counting on the fact that Alex will be too busy ripping open her presents to critique my sewing skills.  Though if she's anything like me, mocking should ensue as soon as she's old enough to know how (to mock, not sew).

Click for bigger (if you dare)

My favourite

Don't click to make bigger on this one, there's some wonky sewing on the A.  I think the holly berries look OK though..?

Stuffed full of presents on Christmas morning
On a semi-related note, play pens around the tree are a great idea as the tree cannot be pulled over.  Unfortunately toddlers have long skinny arms and can still reach the branches and pull things off - so the tree only has lights and the star on it.  Also, evil girl-cats can fit through the bars, climb over the presents and sit in the middle of the tree chewing the branches - all with a smug expression on their evil girl-cat faces because there's nothing you can do to reach them.

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