03 October 2011

Wellington Zoo

We went to the zoo this weekend, so I thought I'd share the better photos from the afternoon.  We left it a bit late in the day so didn't see every animal, but Miss Alex enjoyed pointing at ALL the things.  Especially if they were monkeys, lemurs or chimps.  We decided not to photograph the chimps as the one closest to us had his finger up his bum the entire time we were there.

"Da" means this, that, look, Zari, Basil, thanks, here you go etc.  Alex was not implying that her father is a spider monkey.

"Do you like the monkeys?"..."dudn dudn"

It is important that you pay attention to the signs around the zoo. 

These little guys came right up to the glass and moved quickly - the perfect combination for baby excitement.

We saw some other animals too...

Giraffe photobomb.
FINE.  You can have a close-up.

Normally Nev won't let me near the gift shop, but since we had an Alex with us I was allowed in.  We were not surprised when she chose a white-handed gibbon toy over the cute white tiger or red panda toys I was eyeing up.

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