12 October 2011

Goodbye Rotten Deck!

We managed to get the price of the house lowered because this deck was in such a shocking state when we bought the place.  Three years ago.  

Then one of Nev's friends decided to marry an Irish girl (in the South of France) so how could we NOT put the deck replacement plans on hold to go on holiday to their wedding?

The next year we went to Japan.  $800 return!  Japan is awesome.  We didn't need much convincing at that price.  

Come to Japan and get mugged by map-eating deer.
Then there was a tiny human on the way so we had to buy a car big enough to fit a car seat in the back seat.  

But now the day has finally come.  This death trap is being replaced with a deck big enough to actually put a table and chairs on and use (without fear of plummeting to your death) this summer.

That upright looks sound.

Basil can't wait to be closer to the birds in that tree.
Stay tuned.  Right now we just have some giant holes in the ground, but I'm told they are going to "dismantle" the existing deck tomorrow.  I suspect they'll just need to threaten it with a hammer and everything will fall down.

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