16 September 2011

Mullet be Gone!

For her birthday post I mentioned that Alex just needed a haircut, some teeth and to learn how to walk and she'd be a real toddler.  Well, we already have two out of three!  

Eight days after her birthday she cut her first tooth.  I told Nev it was a birthday present from Alex, but then she made me a liar because she refused to actually let him see it.   It's come through more since then (as I imagine teeth do..) but its mate hasn't made an appearance yet so she's still a one tooth wonder.

Today we sorted out her mullet with a quick trip to the hairdresser.  I highly recommend Salon Gowri to those in Wellington!  They've got a corner dedicated to kids, with a TV and stack of DVDs, special kid sized chairs (though Alex sat on my lap) and kid sized capes.  Alex was very well behaved but kept turning to see what the hairdresser was doing, so I put one of her TMBG videos on my iPhone.  Annnd she started dancing instead.  Whoops!   


No mullet



Thank you TMBG for getting her to sit still for the photos!

The hair that was hanging in her eyes has been trimmed, but I insisted on no proper fringe as then she'd be in bowl-cut territory.  A fate worse than natural baby girl mullet!

As for walking, she's started pulling herself up onto her knees regularly and has got as far as sticking one leg out the side but doesn't quite know what to do from there.  I don't mind for now - I like having stuff on the coffee table.

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