05 September 2011

I Worry..

As you know, we're keen to encourage Alex's genius but I'm starting to worry she doesn't have as many smarts as we'd hoped.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:


She got a cat toy with a feather stuck back there a couple of nights ago, and of course it was tickling her neck.  Little baby arms are not great at reaching back to swat things away, so a lot of gammy flailing ensued.  It was dinner time so I rescued her from the tricksy feather and popped her in her high chair.  Upon removing her from her high chair after dinner I found a peg down the back of her bodysuit.

It seems that she's not too fussed on protecting her head either, preferring instead to use it as a battering ram.  She wanted to get behind the cat tree today, so there she sat rocking back and forth and headbutting the tower in the hope it would get out of her way.  Then there was the time she wanted to crawl under the coffee table to get to the forbidden land of TV cabinets and sleeping Basils, so she crawled up and headbutted the horizontal bar until she dipped low enough to get under...only to get stuck trying to get out the other side.

Actually, maybe that's why she was wearing the colander on her head in Exhibit A...

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