29 July 2011

Sick Babies are Sad Babies

Alex has had her first bad cold, which has been a bundle of fun I must say.  I feel terribly sorry for all of my friends who have sick bubbas, especially those busy catching their first ever round of daycare bugs!

In this past week I have learned many things, most of them gross:

  • Baby noses produce epic amounts of snot despite being tiny and button-like
  • Babies like to rub their snotty noses because no doubt they're itchy
  • Snotty baby hands are sticky and collect many cat hairs from the carpet
  • Babies would rather snuggle into your shoulder (aww) and snort boogers all over it (eww) than have you wipe their nose with a tissue
  • Tissues are great for shredding
  • And eating
  • Karvol is great stuff (I daresay this is the only useful piece of information in this post)

Miss is over feeling ill, however has a residual runny nose and cough which means she grunts like a little piggy now when she's crawling.  I really shouldn't laugh at my little piggy motoring around the lounge but I am instead a horrible unsympathetic mother.

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