30 May 2011

The Pram Saga Continues...

I experienced a moment of complete joy this morning when a package from Britax arrived.  The seat!  Finally!  Only three weeks after the last ETA I had been given!  After being out of action for three loooong months, the Strider would be coming out of retirement.

And more importantly, the Brick (as it has lovingly become known) would be going back INTO retirement - and not a moment too soon.  Last week the suspension on the back wheels broke so it's not overly usable anymore.

I did a little happy dance (away from the windows so the neighbours wouldn't see).  The cats thought I'd gone bonkers and ran away.  Alex got very excited and started clapping and bouncing up and down.  

I tore the box open, tipped its contents out, grabbed the seat frame from under a pile of fabric in the sewing room (!) and got to work.

Imagine my horror when I finished attaching the seat to the frame and discovered that parts of the harness were nowhere to be found.  Two of the five harness points missing.  Gone.  Not there.   HOW THE EFF DOES THAT HAPPEN?!??!?!?!?!?

So now I have a new seat that I could put Alex in, so long as I don't mind her falling out as we walk along.

The lovely customer service lady in Auckland has contacted Australia to see what happened, but she hasn't heard back from them yet.

I might just cry.

Or fly to Australia and set fire to their office.

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