01 February 2011

More Parenting in the '80s

With the recent story on Campbell Live about a Police Occifer issuing a ticket because a child looked too old to be in a rear facing car seat, I thought it would be good to go over some car seat safety.    

Today's information comes from an A-Z parenting magazine dated 1983.  Some of the advice is still good (such as "check that the straps aren't twisted") but it's hardly fun to include that now is it?

While baby is still in a bassinet it should be covered with a securely fitted net and firmly anchored to the back seat.  Point baby's head towards the centre of the car.  If this is not possible at least wedge the bassinet on the floor between the front and back seats.

Definitely not recommended, but as a last resort, nurse the baby in the back seat, never in the front seat and never with baby in the belt with an adult.   Damn, that would've made our recent trip to Taupo much quicker!

There is now at least one bassinet restraint which is Australian standards approved.  In this system, you buy a specially made safety bassinet.  Baby is secured in a zippered cocoon inside a reinforced bassinet, which sits on the back seat attached to safety harness.  In an accident this bassinet rotates backwards, ensuring that baby cannot be thrown out or hit by flying glass.  This bassinet also fits to a stroller base for use outside the car.  

Heyyy, my pram is a Steelcraft and is also brown!  Good to see their design team have stuck with such a lovely colour choice.  At least my pram's wheels are giant instead of teeny tiny like those.  How much fun would that have been to push??

When children are old enough to sit, about six months, they must be placed in an approved child restraint seat.  Don't hold them on your lap and never harness them in the belt with you.  Do not strap two children into the one belt.  

This ad came from another booklet that isn't dated.  I'm assuming it was towards the late '80s as you'll note the snazzy wee infant seat (next to the driver!) in the bottom right corner.  If I recall correctly, my car seat was strapped in the front and dad had to sit all squished up in the back of mum's car.  HA!

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