26 January 2011

Weekly Photography Challenge - Week 4: Colourful

Or Colorful if you wish to be American.  ;)

This week I decided to try something I've wanted to do for quite a while:  make a rainbow cake!

Here is the final picture for the challenge:

Rainbow Cake, originally uploaded by rattyree.

To get to this point, we took the Edmonds Cook Book chocolate cake recipe and customised it.  We substituted cocoa for more flour, used mint essence instead of vanilla essence and then divided the mixture into six and added 2tsp of food colouring to each portion.  Mixy mixy and then drop into the cake tin.  The frosting is chocolate flavoured and full of black food colouring.  The spare Pebbles have since been consumed.  *shifty eyes*

I didn't get any pictures of the mixing process, but it looked like a leprechaun had vomited rainbows all over our kitchen.  :D  Here's the post-baking process for your viewing pleasure (pictures mostly unedited):

Despite looking so very wrong, I can confirm it is quite tasty.  

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