12 August 2011

The One-Year-Old's Guide to iPhone Apps

As predicted, Alex is well on her way to becoming a little nerd.  She knows what the home button on an iPhone does, that if you hold it down for a long time the icons start jiggling ready to be rearranged or deleted - and that mum loves playing Find the Icon.  She knows how to call my voicemail and hang up on her grandmother while video chatting (the folk at Skype need to make the end call button less big, red and enticing).

She has also spent a fair amount of time stickying up my iPhone reviewing the best apps.  Seeing as my phone has been confiscated for research purposes...

...I thought I'd type up a quick review of her favourites while I wait for her to give it back.

You talk at the phone and he repeats what you just said - highly amusing!  Does other stuff too (purrs if you pat his belly etc) but she cares not for those features.

Talking Cat ($1.29)
Moves its mouth in time with you talking.  Also:  it's a kitty!!!

Best one ever!  Doesn't have a pesky info button on the screen, so she can't get onto a settings page or anything.  This was great until she figured out the home button.

Alex enjoys the "free play" part of the game, which has a little keyboard at the bottom of the screen, excellent for mashing to make Simon's Cat meow.  She also likes watching his YouTube videos, but you're not meant to let babies watch TV...  *shifty eyes*

Bubbles ($1.29)
Touch screen to make bubbles, touch bubbles to pop them.  Quite fun, not very exciting though so not worthy of a video review.

*  Yes, I have rounded her age up by two weeks.  Two weeks!!! :O :O

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