03 June 2011

The Pram Saga Concludes...

Well.  The folk in Australia weren't sure what had happend for me to be sent the seat I was.  The lovely customer service lady in Auckland misread my email and thought I was only annoyed about the fact that the seat I received was a slightly different design to the original one I had, but they had two sent over this month so she could swap it out for me if I really wanted.  

So I put my awesome tablet to good use once more and drew all over the photo I had taken.  I emailed her back, explaining that while the seat I got was uglier, I could deal with that.  Unfortunately I couldn't deal with the lack of two straps and the buckle clips.  

Replacement seat on left, cat-pee-smelly seat on right
"Oh gosh! I'm so sorry!"  She told me to destroy the seat with half a harness and sent their second seat to me that afternoon.  It arrived today while I was feeding Alex so I had to unlatch her, put myself back together and race to the door before the courier man decided I wasn't home.  I was not prepared to organise redelivery for after the long weekend!  

This one is the same design as the original (now cat-pee-smelly) one and now I even have two head bumpers and sets of shoulder strap pads.  And more importantly:  it will NEVER be in a position where one of the cats could use it as a toilet.

I attached it to the frame and put the pram back together in record time, then celebrated by going for a nice hour long walk this afternoon.  I rewarded myself with a chocolate bar for walking so far, thus negating any health benefits of the walk.  

Also, when the hell did my baby get so big?!?!  

31st January

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