08 April 2011

Buggies, Prams and Strollers

I received the terrible news this week that the replacement seat for the pram/stroller/buggy is another 4-6 weeks away. I'm now certain it's coming from Aussie via rowboat.

Despite an overwhelming urge to throw the spare stroller off the deck, the logical side of me is thankful to have it at all.  Better to be angry at the stupid thing than stuck at home...for three months.  Right?  *twitch*

I haven't dared venture near the waterfront with it, as that's where all the cool mums power walk with their matching Mountain Buggies, giant sunglasses and teeny tiny athletic bodies.  At least we didn't stick out so badly with the Strider (three wheels and all that) but with the spare stroller it's much worse.  It's clearly not designed for jogging, or even walking briskly.

In light of this I have created some bumper stickers on Zazzle, so Alex doesn't get too embarrassed about her current mode of transport.  Well, they're buttons because you can't really put a bumper sticker on a pram.

Did you know a Bugaboo Cameleon costs around $2,000???  That's more than I just sold my scooter for.  I bought the Strider because it had a reversable seat and was on sale at 50% off - $280.  Ha!  I totally win.

...Except that it seems spare parts are insanely hard to come by.

And while we're on the topic, here is a selection of simply stunning prams, strollers and complete travel systems (!) from my retro parenting magazine.

"This stroller is part of the Maclaren Porta Buggy System.  Baby is sitting in the Porta-Seat which is fixed to the stroller (I should hope so!) and it can be in any of three positions - it also lifts off the stroller base as a carry seat.  This system also includes a rocker base for the carry seat, a stroller, a high chair base and a lie back buggy.  Part of the Maclaren range sold by many leading baby shops and department stores."

"Viking is a three-in-one sold only by Pram City stores.  The stroller is a three position lie back with an adjustable footrest and a soft corduroy-style material for the pram.  Our picture shows the pram only.  It is a popular three-in-one which Pram City import from Spain."  (Fancy!)

"This is the stroller part of the Steelcraft Quartet, minus the sunshade.  It is a three position lie back stroller and completes the Quartet which steelcraft has designed as a complete baby transportation system.  It is available from baby shops and department stores around Australia."  (The brown racing stripes make it go faster I imagine..)

"This nifty little stroller called the Restmor Reverser comes from England and is only sold by Pram City stores.  It has a seat which can face forwards or backwards and which reverses (the harness reverses too), - one side is vinyl the other washable corduroy style material.  The seat angles adjust to lie back position and it folds up easily."  (Vinyl sounds mighty comfy to sit on..and I'd like to know what this magical corduroy style material actually is.)

"This smart pram is the Maclaren Europa, part of the three-in-one Pram Buggy Europa.  The carry-cot is large - 82.5cm long and has a back-rest.  The stroller is available in matching fabric and can be used in three positions.  Available from many baby shops and department stores."  (Can't get past the tiny wheels that a lot of these have..)

"The is the bright (and apparently terrifying) Steelcraft Aprica Newborn Baby Stroller.  It is a two position lie-back stroller which converts to a pram, has a sunshade and is upholstered in cotton.  A lambswool liner is available as an extra.  Available from baby shops and department stores around Australia."

"The Silver Cross Geneva is a fully-sprung large pram with a body which folds and detaches and measures 85cm.  It has a shopping tray available and it incorporates a lift-up back rest for the pram so that baby can sit up when ready.  Available from many baby shops and department stores."  (How...can that be safe..?)

"The Silver Cross Eurofolder has a large hood for weather protection and is a three position stroller as well as having a carrycot available to make it into a pram.  Its third position is flat back making it into a pram.  An apron is also available.  It is available from some specialist baby shops and department stores."

"The Cindico Safari Traveller stroller is also available from Pram City.  Made in England this stroller folds up differently to other strollers and has one straight handle across the back unlike many other English strollers.  It has two positions - lie back and straight and has a low sun shade and a safety harness as extras."  (Wait.  What?  Safety harness is an optional extra??)

"Colette is a three-in-one imported from Italy by the specialist baby shop, Gillespies, Artarmon, Sydney. The stroller can be in two positions and can either face forwards or backwards.  The carrycot has extra long adjustable handles, padded mattress (you can get mattresses without padding?) which folds into a seat and a harness.  Stroller seat is padded vinyl.  It has bigger wheels than the other three-in-ones."

"The Silvercross Super Ranger has a built in full harness for the energetic (or, you know, every) toddler.  It has a two position backrest, the wheels will either lock or swivel anda hood and apron are available as extras.  Available from many specialist baby shops and department stores."

Now, I'm off to sulk for a bit.

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