18 April 2011

Cats vs Baby

When baby Alex first came home, this was Basil's reaction:

I don't think he quite approved of this small, pink, wriggly, unpredictable creature.  He definitely did not approve of the fact that she made noise.  

Unless I was feeding her and he had a jealous..

I want scritches!
...Basil continued to give her a very wide berth.  

Aw.  :(
In the last few weeks, Alex has decided that the kitties are the BEST. THINGS. EVER!!  She perks up whenever one walks past, and will often squeal or laugh at Zari.  If they come remotely close she'll lean as far as she can in an effort to touch them, then look really sad when she can't reach.  

Until today, that is.  I was lying on the floor taking pics of Alex when Basil came over and flopped down between us.  Alex nearly fell over in excitement!  A kitty!  So close!  

I touched his nose!
It seems that Basil may have come around to the idea of the tiny human staying with us.  Zari on the other hand, continues to keep her distance.  

Fool, what are you doing??
Don't worry Alex, one day the pretty kitty will let you pat her!  Maybe the possibility of patting Zari is the motivation she'll need to get mobile..

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