19 March 2011


It had been, oh, 18 months since I did anything to the veggie weed patch.  Can you tell?

At some point I subscribed to the NZ Gardener emails (??) and instead of instantly archiving it, I actually read this week's one.  It said that now is the time to sow carrots.  Our last crop of carrots was successful and Alex likes them, so why not try again?  Off to the garden store!  

I was feeling adventurous so I got some other veggie seedlings too.  Why is that adventurous?  Our last lot of seedlings was systematically destroyed by the cats.  Each day a cat would sit on a baby lettuce.  Or fall off the fence while trying to pick a fight with the neighbour cat, land on the tomato plants (containers to the left of the above photo) and break them in half.  They say to grow Basil with tomatoes...not so successful here.

So I'll see how this goes.  Maybe I need to build a netting frame to go over the baby vegetables.  My award winning* vegetable garden was inside one of dad's unused bird aviaries, so it's not such a silly idea.

Oh, and here's the other side of the courtyard.  I have great plans to tidy that up too.   It contains:  
  • wheelie bin
  • recycling bin
  • two petrol cans (empty)
  • our BBQ (obscured and currently on its side)
  • Naughty Cat Pen (for containing Basils when they keep trying to run away)
  • scooter cover (no more scooter)
  • bin full of some weeds I quickly pulled out of that garden
  • lots of weeds growing up between the pavers.  I hate them so much.

* First at my primary school, and third in the district!  I tell you, I used to be so cool.

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