11 March 2011

Baby Babble

Alex:  Mum.  Mumumumummm.  Mum mum.
Ree:  *looks at Nev*
Nev:  Nope, doesn't count.
Ree:  But she said "mum".  Many times!
Alex:  Mammmmmmmmmmmmm-ah.
Ree:  See!  Mama!
Nev:  Nope.  Not a word until she knows what it means.
Ree:  >:-(
Alex:  *looks at Nev*  Mum.  Mum.  ...Mum.

So close, yet so far!

According to Nev, having Alex around so far hasn't been that different to having the cats - she needs looking after, is small, with a personality and a range of sounds to show how she's feeling.  It seems that words are going to magically transform her into a people.  I bet that's why he's not letting me claim "mum" as a word yet.

It is very weird to think that her Aunty was talking at three months of age.  Nev's mum thought that was the norm, and worried that Nev was a bit dense when he still wasn't talking by six months.  Sometimes I think she was right.  :D

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