24 March 2011

Alex's Extreme Bedroom Makeover

Alex's bedroom was the study for the previous owners, and they had a giant notice board covering the northern wall of the room.  It wasn't until we moved in that we realised why:  the wall was bright blue.  Combined with the burgundy curtains and bright yellow plastic light shade it made for a delightful looking room.

The wardrobe door handle had pretty flowers on it.  Blech.  You'll note the very stylish light fitting on this wall too.

Clearly this room was not fit for a baby.  Off with the wallpaper!  Basil helped.

There were three layers of wallpaper.  And three layers of paint.  In amongst the layers we discovered that at one point the opposite walls of the room were bright purple and yellow.  I'm guessing that's when the yellow light shade came into play.

We also discovered that they hadn't put any gib up between the edge of the door frame and the corner of the room, instead opting to just paper over the gap and hope no one would notice.  Uhm.

We got the electrician in to replace the light fittings as well as all the switches and wall sockets downstairs.

And now, in true annoying reality TV style:  Bus driver, MOVE THAT BUS!!!

 /cut to end credits.

The next episode will air in a couple of days.  *cackle*

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