27 March 2011

Alex's Extreme Bedroom Makeover: Part Two

Well wasn't that a great suspense-building break between episodes?

Firstly, the overall room shots (you can click on them for bigger versions).  Cue excessive "Oh My Gawsh!!!" comments.

I'm quite chuffed with the colour I chose for the walls, I think the grey works well with the black and white.  And it's nice and subtle and gender neutral and NOT BRIGHT BLUE.

And now if you don't mind, I'll point out some neat bits and pieces that I like.  

Alex's cot is full of handmade goodness - I made the sheets with nifty ribbon and lace edging on the top sheet, Mum and I made her mobile and Nev's Mum knitted the blanket.

It's not pretty, but I love the fact that her wardrobe is in the space under the stairs.  She has floor to ceiling shelves on the left, space for a toy hammock (my old one) and there's still room left over for us to stash computer hardware boxes at the end on the right.

Now that she is in her own room Alex has to share it with her Nana or Gran when they come to stay.  I'm sure that will be lots of fun (for her) when she's a bit older.

There are lots of goodies in these shelves too, including a Miffy money box (from Japan..nearly 12 years ago), the only analogue clock in the house, wooden name letters (Mum and I made these pretty), a hand knitted doll made by her .. uhm.. Nancy, a jewellery box containing a pendant made of Skye marble.

Aunty Christabel got this painting done for Alex while I was still pregnant.  As it's painted onto wood it's quite heavy so we were hesitant to hang it in her room in case an earthquake or something caused it to fall down.  So it is instead hanging in the hallway outside her room.  She likes looking at it when we carry her past.  

And lastly, Mum made (cross-stitched) this quilt for Alex's cot.  It'll be going on there when she's about a year old.  

And that's it.  We're busy concentrating on replacing the deck at the moment, just in time for winter!

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