14 February 2011


Tonight Mum is coming around after work and Nev is going to swap out the hard drive in her iMac for a bigger one. I'm pretty sure her current HDD filled up because of all the Alex photos. :D

Anyway, Alex is very excited about seeing Nana again but mostly wants to help dad. She's so keen to help that she's ready and waiting already!

n00b, originally uploaded by rattyree.

One of Nev's friends posted this on his facebook wall the other day too. He'd already been talking about how when she's older she could have her own iPhone or iPod Touch so she could video call her grandmothers on Skype. Because they're small and portable (the gadgets, not the grandmothers), she could even take it down to her room to show off all her toys (and leave us in peace! hahaha).

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