06 February 2011

Alex's Busy Week

On Sunday - after a week of watching us super closely when we ate (and trying to steal our food if given half a chance) - Alex confirmed that she did indeed approve of this whole "food" business.


On Monday she had a fairly lazy day, and even went to the dairy down the road in her pyjamas!  This tired her out so she recovered by snoozing in the shade.


How dare I wake her up with the camera.

Woken up by Mum with Camera

On Tuesday she went to Plunket, where she weighed in at 8.09kg and was given her very first toothbrush.

Baby Toothbrush

We carried on to coffee group after that and Alex chillaxed on the floor with her friends.  She kept trying to strangle the wee boy who lives down the road by tugging on his bib.  They soon started holding hands though, so I realised the bib tugging was Alex's equivalent to boys pulling girls' pigtails in the playground.

Wednesday was not so fun.  She did go and meet Nana for lunch, but then she went to the hospital for a followup appointment with the paediatrician and THEN to the doctors for her next round of immunisations.  She was very brave and even smiled at the nurse afterwards, but didn't want me putting up any photos of her ultra sad face.

She also didn't want me to tell you that the paediatrician had trouble finding the pulses in her leg creases due to all the..er...chub in the way.  Whoops!

On Thursday we chilled out at home.  I avoided doing housework, but did manage to bake a coconut loaf.

On Friday she had an impromptu play-date with another friend (his mum was also avoiding housework!) and got dressed up in her best outfit for him.  He quite approved of her skirt and kept trying to lift it up.  Alex helped by lifting it up for him!  She also stole his toys, as they were much cooler than her own toys.

Pretty in Pink




On Saturday we helped Aunty L move flats.  This involved a lot of driving, and Alex was only too willing to keep Aunty amused by blowing bubbles at her while we drove.  She did get a bit bored when we were loading the trailer, but this was made up for by cuddles with Aunty afterwards.

Driving the Car

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