22 December 2010

That's just the way we do it!

My husband likes things that are logical - like science and computers.

One morning this weekend I was busy feeding Alex and mentioned to Nev that he should hop in the shower while I'm feeding her, then he can play with Alex while I have my shower.  End result:  we'll be ready to go out sooner.  While we both agree this is a very logical plan of attack, it was impossible to carry out.  Do you want to know why?  Well I'm telling you anyway.

At some point in our past, our routine before work was established so that Nev would get up, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, leave.  I would get up, shower, get dressed, eat my breakfast and then leave.  Nev takes a while to become coherent in the mornings so I would shower while he ate his breakfast and read news websites until he'd woken up properly (or else there's a good chance he'd wash his face with my conditioner).  

Shortly after this routine was established, Nev decided that it applied to weekends as well.  We've had stand-offs where I've refused to shower first because it's a silly rule!  Why should I have to?  What is stopping him just getting up and having a shower??!?!  rawr!  Sadly I never win - the need to be showered, clean and ready to start my day properly always trumps proving a point.  

He can't provide me with an explanation beyond "that's just the way it has to be done!" and seems happy enough with this reasoning.  Surely if a routine is inefficient the logical move is to correct this inefficiency?  

Why does his need for routine override his love of logic?  JUST GO AND HAVE A SHOWER!

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  1. LOL! We're routine (or, as we call it, "rut") people, too, as is our cat and our kids. I'm afraid it's quite contagious.